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*Holistic Meaning*

I am passionate and grateful about being able to contribute to the development, welfare, growth and happiness of my fellow Beings by providing my treatment sessions and also our paintings.

The Holistic Approach addresses the WHOLE Being, and thereby promotes the healing process of the person’s OWN PHYSICAL, MENTAL and EMOTIONAL SYSTEM.

All of the systems in the body and mind work TOGETHER and are in balance with each other when all is well and there is Homeostasis.

The person needs to be willing to heal, otherwise it won't work.
My job, or any therapist's for that matter, is to help the person to heal his/herself.
I stimulate the body's healing process by working with the reflex areas on e.g. the feet or/and working with the unconscious Self.
I do this by using the required modality and the its suitable method for REFLEXOLOGY, HYPNOTHERAPY, COACHING or REIKI.

As well as Physical issues, all of these modalities, REFLEXOLOGY, HYPNOTHERAPY and REIKI address the Emotional ones. Most if not all our physical ailments, dis-eases, yes even accidenets, have their roots and causes in emotions and are manifested as stress or physically such as pain, sciatica, migraine, insomnia and many more symptoms.

That means moving energy within and around the body.
Despite being widely known as 'physical', REFLEXOLOGY MOVES ENERGY.. and THEREFORE ALSO WORKS WELL AS DISTANT TREATMENTS – hence anyone can receive *ONLINE* treatment sessions as well as in person physically.