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I qualified as a REFLEXOLOGIST - Usui and Usui Holy Fire Reiki MT - Life Coach - NLP Practitioner
All treatments and sessions are ONLINE - OR where possible in person at 'The Nook' in Hertfordshire GB

REFLEXOLOGY is a hands-on manipulation of the reflexes on feet, hands, or also on ears or face, with treatment approaches ranging from hard to soft touch, where soft touch will also reach deep.
REFLEXOLOGY is ENERGY work, which means shifting energy by entering the person's energetic realm.

The whole body systems, endocrine, vascular, muscular, organs, bones etc are linked with the relevant reflex areas on the feet, and extremities.
Hence working on the reflexes will ascertain the cause of discomfort or emotional imbalance, and eliminate or positively ease pain, diseases, stress and a variety of issues.
Using a combination of the appropriate modalities and healing methods, to address the manifested symptoms through finding the cause, will help a more permanent and deeper healing and realignment process for the whole Being.

Once I start the treatment of either RELFEXOLOGY or REIKI, or both, my clients usually find themselves relaxing deeply.
A wonderfully pleasant experience.

During the sessions I pay close attention and observation, and together with my intuition, I find the areas of the body which need the most attention.
REFLEXOLOGY will work well to eliminate a series of issues.
By using REFLEXOLOGY I encourage the body's OWN HEALING System.
However, the person will need tobe willing to let go of the issues in question and also be willing to change areas in their life if and where necessary, accordingly, and therefore work together within the process.

Of course, when THERE ARE NO ISSUES - Reflexology WILL BE A THOROUGLY PLEASANT EXPERIENCE to keep the body systems balanced.

REFLEXOLOGY helps a person to Realise, to Release and to finally Deal with Emotional issues, past or present.
Mostly these issues are manifested as physical pain, dis-ieases etc
Just like Reiki energy - Reflexology aims at the cause of an ailment.
Often just by looking at the person's feet, physical and emotional clues are there to be read.

Where conventional healthcare would mostly alleviate symptoms - Reflexology and Reiki will look for the origin of an issue.
The Healing process can be quicker and more thorough when both methods work together, especially when Holistic healthcare is recognised and used widely as a first 'go to'.
Once a person is truly willing to eliminate the problem (including making appropriate life style changes wherever necessary), the healing journey begins. It invariably starts within themselves, not externally.
When symptoms occur, to Firstly seek a suitable holistic treatment would not only save public healthsystems' resources, but it would have a major positive impact on the person's true healing progress.

Holistic modalities such as REFLEXOLOGY and REIKI will endeavour to eliminate the root of the problem, thereby creating a beneficial longterm solution .. whereas conventional mainstream healthcare mostly focus on treatments to subdue symptoms, with medication, or invasive measures.

If one part of our Being is out of balance - it affects all the rest. We manifest our physical ailments.
Their origin, the roots of physical ailments often go deep, long before they are apparent, mostly from mental or emotional causes.
If one part of our Being is healed at its core - it also affects the rest.. in a good way.
The Holistic approach - means whole - it addresses the person as a Whole, including physical ailments, pain, lack of sleep, relaxation, emotional residues also looking at lifestyle issues, Self insights, helping the healing process from the inside out, from the root.