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REIKI is a NATURAL and None-Invasive method to help the healing process.
Usui Ryoho Reiki is channelling energy from Universe and astral planes, the Universal Life Force energy, and Usui HolyFire Reiki channelling pure Energy from the Higher realms above.

During a treatment - if the individual is WILLING To HEAL - the their bodymind will guide Reiki Energy to where it is needed most, and thereby helping the healing process.
Reiki reaches deep and will bring to surface Emotional or Physical issues to deal with or it will just induce deep relaxation.
People experience Reiki treatments in different ways.
The person may feel heat, sees colours, feels emotions rising, or does not notice anyting at all, but a pleasantly relaxing session.

My Reiki learning path took me to become a Usui Reiki master teacher.
After a time of practicing Reiki and developing deeper insights into my Self, energies and the healing aspects, I was led to recognise the further evolvement of Usui Reiki to Usui Holy Fire Reiki.
I realised it was time to receive the necessary teachings, placements and ignitions to become a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher.
I outlined a short History of Reiki further below.

Universal Life Force REIKI exists all around us, also in us - if we believe in it or not - just like the oxygen in the air we breathe to help us live, exists - without us being able to see it. Just like the wind (energy) exists - but we only notice it if we feel air contacting our skin more forcefully, or if we see things moving, such as leaves, trees, paper etc.
This Universal Energy or Holy Fire Reiki Energy encourage the healing process of ourselves and others, but we need to be Willing to Heal, as Reiki respects Free Will. Otherwise it just helps to relax, which is beneficial too.
It's natural.
There are several hand positions that a Reiki practitioner may use all over a client's body, fundamentally following the main chakra areas, or the practitioner follows a scanning method and also uses intuition to find the areas to place hands, if appropriate. A hand position during a treatment could be in a completely different area to where pain (if there's pain) occurs.
However, our bodyminds will draw and guide Reiki to where it is needed most.
Holy Fire Reiki can be facilitated by Holy Fire Reiki practitioner as a specific meditations called 'experience' to one or more people in a group, in person or as distant treatment. This could also be combined with a hands-on method.
It could be that one or both, the physical or emotional side needs help.
Our physical ailments, pains and dis-eases are manifested from our thoughts and emotional vibrations, mostly without being aware of us doing this at the time.
However, that does not mean that certain dis-eases (note dis ..out of ease..) will be cured, or a potential fatality can be reversed.
Reiki will reach the person in such ways to allow and help them to deal with their situation, or illness in a better way and peacefully.
Our higher selves incarnated as humans in order to learn, and to experience certain situations, including illnesses, abnormalities etc.

My purpose is to promote the healing process of body, mind and thereby spirit with the help of Reiki (also Reflexology, Intuitive Life Coaching).
As an imbalance in one area can and will effect the whole being as they are ALL linked and work together to hold an equilibrium of the Being, therefore to heal one part will also effect the whole - just like to heal one person will effect others too, as we are All energetically connected, all Beings and Things.

My studies haven't ended here, as there is a vastly diverse range of subjects, modalities and spiritual aspects, also Science merged with Spirituality to learn from.
Working to find and listen to our real Inner Being and living our passions is and will transform our lives.
I have recognised the importance, and the relationship of scientific, archeological findings, antropological facts and theories of life forces and powers to our existences as human Beings.
New discoveries continue with their significances being important and usually interrelated across the whole world. Eventually, History Will be rewritten due to disclosures of findings and of old discoveries which were hidden to the masses.
We are all connected, and we are all part of each other and of everything around us.
It's not always easy to understand the 'sciencefictious' nature of discoveries of past lives, Beings which still affect our lives here and Now, our presence.
However, I also have learned that I don't need to innerstand and know everything.
Our human minds only work so far; though we can train them to go a bit further. A lot further.
The importance lies in HOW we deal with life, How we reconnect to our inner Self, How we connect to each other.
Our spiritual beings are all part of the universe and each other, and this becomes more apparent the more I study and listen to discoveries in different scientific fields and spiritually aware people.

I love and I am grateful that I am able to contribute to the wellbeing of people.
I find that my holistic work merges well with my work and life as an artist and musician.

A short hostory of Reiki:
Dr Mikao Usui or Senei Usui, rediscovered how to access Reiki for the purposes of healing body mind and spirit, and thereby becoming closer to one's own authenticity.
Sensei Usui, born in 1865, had travelled extensively all over Europe, America and China where he studied, before rediscovering Reiki.
Amongst his studies was Kiko, the japanese Qigong.
He noted that some healing methods depleted the energy of the practitioner, which did not happen with Reiki.
Sensei Usui then spent his life to develop Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho (Ryoho translates as 'Healing method') and to share this gift with others.
Sensei Usui taught others Reiki Shoden and Okuden, level 1&2, and an estimated 20 to become masters, Shinpiden.
One of whom he taught Shinpiden Mrs Hawayo Takata who established Reiki in the West in 1937, who continued to practice until her passing in 1980.
All Reiki practitioners and masters lead back to the first few Reiki masters and to Dr Usui who taught them in Japan.
Dr Mikao Usui sensei wished for Reiki to continue to evolve and develop.
William Lee Rand Sensei travelled over the world to study, practice and to teach Reiki extensively; William L Rand was attuned by several masters of lineages to Dr Usui.
William L Rand developed several Reiki systems such as Usui/Tibetan Style Reiki (1989) Karuna Reiki (1994-95).
During this time he realised that Reiki is meant to be developed, as Sensei Usui had said that he (Mikao Usui) was not at the top of the Reiki healing system. Even further back, Yashua/Jesus was meant to have said that 'we could do everything he had done and even more'.
William Lee Rand discovered a healing energy which is more refined, containing higher level of consciousness than he'd experienced before, and was shown the relating symbol.
So, it happened that he introduced and started teaching Holy Fire Reiki 1&2 (2014-15) and Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher level (2018).
William Lee Rand is the founder of ICRT, International Center for Reiki Training; he is author and co-author of Reiki related books, and he is the publisher of Reiki News Magazine.