Awards Winning Artist
George was born in Yorkshire in October 1949. He studied 'Painting and Drawing' in Sheffield, Oxford, St Albans, and 'Illustration' at Watford College of Art & Design (1970-1980)
Acquired a DGA - Diploma in Graphic Arts (Degree)

George found it hard to work to the demands of subject matters of some galleries.
He became selective in taking on commissions for landscapes or portraits in order to pursue his own ideas and inspirations.
George liked pushing the boundaries of his work by changing media from time to time.
In this was his work stayed fresh and alive, and he could retain the integrity of his excitement and joy of discovery.
His favourite media was painting in Oils, which, in itself, offered a wide scope for experimenting.
His aim was to stay true to himself when he responded to the powers of his inspiration to translate subject matter onto canvas.
When George met Annemarie, later his wife, they became critics of each other's work.
In his latter years George suffered from severe Arthritis, in addition to his mental health issues such as BiPolar, and eventually Alzheimer's took over.
Those years he mostly lived as a recluse, and he found solace in music and his art.
George was a fine guitarist, and only found true fulfillment when he was playing his guitars and painting.

George used to say that "Art and Music define my life."

George had his work accepted at all venues that he wished to show, which included the Royal Academy of Art in London and the Mall Galleries in London.
George received several awards for his work at the Mall Galleries and other exhibitions nationwide.

Honorary Mention Award - Artist Of The Year Online 2019
'Outstanding Work' at the Royal Society of Oil Painters - ROI -exhibition - Mall Galleries, London, UK
'Best Work Depicting Local Landmark' at Beecroft, 45th Essex Open exhibition, Essex, UK
'Best Painting' John Godden award at Hertford Art Society Open Show - Hertford, UK

2000-2010, George has invariably had success at the MALL GALLERIES, LONDON, UK
Whenever he submitted work to the individual exhibitions at the MALL GALLERIES his work was SELECTED, EXHIBITED AND SOLD.
(New English Art Club),
RBA (Royal British Artists),
ROI (Royal society of Oil Painters),
PS (Pastel Society),
RI (Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours) or
RSMA (Royal Society of Marine Artists) .

George featured in 'Artist & Illustrator'
magazine issue 23Feb06.
The East Anglian Daily Press published positive reviews on his work several times.

MEMBER of IAS - Ipswich Art Society since before 2000.

2004-2006 George was invited to join 'East Anglian Marine Artists', but he left the club in 2006

Commissions include:
Malcolm King - KingSturge&Co, at the Machrie Hotel as Artist in Residence, on the Isle of Islay, Inner Hebredes, Scotland.
Prince Nicholas of Prussia.

Patron: Late Baron Charles con Westernholz of Lt Blakesware, Herts (British Wheatfields).
George provided painting tuitions to Lady von Westernhoz of Lt Blakesware, Herts - on her request.