My life path has led me to become a Holistic Therapist, to promote the wellbeing of body mind spirit.
I provide treatment sessions in your own home or here at The Nook in Hertfordshire.
See Holistic Therapy and Treatment pages.

George and I live in the countryside of Hertfordshire, in the UK.
Music has always played a very large role in our lives and with our art.
George loved playing his guitar, and now still loves listening to a vast range of different genres.
For me, listening and playing my instruments inspires and motivates me to get the paintbrush out and on canvas.
Playing bass also helps to get back to myself or to raise my vibrations.
George used to say that Music and Art were the essence of his life.
Art - Music - Spirituality, Holistic therapy that I provide, merge and feed my life.

Our individual work has been exhibited at various galleries within the UK, and can be found in private collections worldwide.
Our travels throughout the UK and abroad, and personal insight, have inspired and motivated our individual diverse range of art-work.
There are magic spots to be found in most places that we have visited over the years.

Feel free to browse the images.

Go to 'contact' for enquiries about paintings, prices £s, or to book Holistic sessions.
Your comments are welcome.

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