HOLISTIC THERAPIST Annemarie Oshelda-Gill


I qualified to work as Reflexology therapist and Reiki master/teacher.
I also studied and qualified in NLP.

I give treatment sessions in Babbs Green, Wareside, Hertfordshire UK, or I travel to your own home.
My aim is to promote the healing process of the person’s body, mind and thereby spirit, which are all linked
Soon into the treatment, my clients usually find themselves relaxing deeply.
Their relaxation and my observations of involuntary movements or sounds etc, together with my intuition help to find the areas of the body or emotions, which need the most attention.
My intuition, listening to and calling on spirit guides and angels,on occasions lead me to use crystals with Reiki and also with Reflexology treatments where appropriate.

My inquisitive nature leads me to continuous studies of a vastly diverse range of subjects and authors of modalities and ways of finding our real inner being.
I have recognised the importance, and the relationship of scientific or archeological findings and theories of life forces and powers to our existences as human beings.
I am continuously drawn to learn about new discoveries and their significances, as it is all interrelated.
We are all connected, and we are all part of each other and of everything.
It's not always easy to understand the sciencefictious nature of discoveries of past lives, however, I also have learned that I don't need to understand everything. Our human minds only work so far; but we can train them to go a bit further.
For Reiki, the universal energy, coming from the universe all around us, drawing it in to help the physical body to heal itself, is one example. This energy does exists, is a fact and all around us - if you believe in it or not.
Just like the air you breathe having oxygen in it to help us live, exists - without us being able to see it.
Or the wind exists - we only notice if we feel air contacting our skin more forcefully, or if we see things moving, such as leaves, trees, paper etc.
This universal energy is accessed and guided, via Reiki intentions, to help with the healing of ourselves.
Reiki would direct itself where it is needed most, therefore it could be a completely different area to where pain occurs.It could happen that it addresses some emotions.
Reiki would help to draw to the surface what is needed to be released in order to help the healing process of the whole being.
It could be aiming at the physical or emotional side, as our physical ailments and dis-eases are manifested from our thoughts and emotional vibrations, mostly without being aware of this at the time.
However, that does not mean that certain dis-eases (note dis ..out of ease..) will be cured, or a potential fatality can be reversed.
Reiki will reach the person in such ways to allow and help them to deal with their situation, or illness in a better way and peacefully.
Our higher selves incarnated as humans in order to learn, and to experience certain situations, including illnesses, abnormalities etc.
The importance lays in HOW we deal with life, How we reconnect to our inner Self, How we connect to each other.
Our spiritual beings are all part of the universe and each other, and this becomes more apparent the more I study and listen to discoveries in different scientific fields and spiritually awakened people.

So, the treatment sessions benefit the whole, from the inside out - body, mind and spirit.
This is also true for Reflexology treatments.
Treating the reflex points and areas of whole of the feet, or hands, or ears, head, will help to ascertain the cause of discomfort or emotional imbalance.
Paying close attention to feet, toes and other body areas can reveal a reading of the person’s ailments, emotions.
This fundamentally means that there can be a misalignment of some area of the body or mind, and holistically of one or more chakras.
Stimulating the reflex areas will promote the healing process.
This healing process then goes hand in hand with addressing the particular issues in lifestyle, relationships, or emotional residues.

In conjunction with conventional medicine, which mostly alleviates the symptoms of a person’s issues, holistic approaches aim to heal the core of the person, connecting to their spirit.
Using the combination of the different, appropriate modalities, healing methods, to address the manifested symptoms, will ultimately help the path of healing and realigning.

I love and I am grateful that I am able to contribute to the wellbeing of people.

I find that my holistic work merges with my work and life as an artist and musician.

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